Mckenzie Towne Barber Shop

Mckenzie Towne Barber Shop Team

Ana is the friendly face of the Barber Shop and the newest face always with a smile and very friendly, she speak English, Spanish and French and always to take on any hair challenge.

Zee has been cutting hair  since 2001, he is one the young faces at the Barber Shop with a great experience and the latest and greatest hair cuts for people of all ages.






Mike The Shy one and one of the new guys in McKenzie Towne Barber Shop, very quite but will give you a mean hair cut with over 11 years of experience.

Sam The Man, no body knows his secret but he seems as he never takes a day off, been cutting hair since 1993 and never stops, always have a story to entertain you during your hair cut.

Moe has been a barber since 1991, he always has a smile on his face and never steps away from a challenge of cutting kids hair .

His customers comes from lots of places, specifically for him.

Omar opened Mckenzie Towne Barber Shop since 1998 and has been cutting hair since 1985 and never looked back, his passion and drive will keep the Barber Shop for lots of years to come.